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9mm Processed Brass

9mm Processed Brass

These are mixed headstamps that have been deprimed, resized,roll-sized,  stainless steel tumbled, and corn polished before delivery for an extra shine!  Please select the quantity of your choosing. This brass has been machine and hand sorted for any steel, aluminum, or badly deformed casings, but we cannot guarantee that any haven't slipped through the cracks.  We will add a few more to your order to offset any bad cases.  


Please contact for quantity higher than 5000 rounds

  • Important

    Once Fired Brass is a commonly used term in the reloading industry. Although most of our brass is once fired and sourced from indoor ranges, we cannot guarantee that all of the brass has been fired only one time. It is recommended that all brass be inspected prior to being reloaded. The seller is not responsible for what the buyer uses the item for. The buyer accepts full responsibility for anything they use this item for. Buyer also certifies that is legal for them to posses this item in the area in which they reside. Please verify your local laws to ensure you are allowed to purchase this item.  If you do have an issue with you order, please contact us and we will resolve it immediately. 

  • Shipping Insurance

    All orders are shipped with $50.00 insurance, if you want more insurance coverage for your order, you must ask for it when placing your order.

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